Pancong Lava Margonda


Ok all. First time enjoy the deliciousness of Pancong Lava at Jalan Margonda. Near from “Jembatan Mares”. I got information about this place from my friend. Just call her, Wiwit. Thank you for her information.
Pancong Lava is one of hang out place with your friends or your lover. And only me who came alone by myself. No problem…
Delicious, yeah…
But it’s not make my stomach full. Pancong is snack, traditional snack. And snack won’t make your stomach full.
The price is so so.  I recommend you bring 50 millions rupiah at least. Ehm… is there anything else i want to tell you? I think… i don’t have anything else.
So… it’s the end.
See you in the other posting-an from me… hehhehe…
Gute nacht

21.42 wib


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